Congregate Housing Services Program

The Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) is a federally funded grant program that aims to prevent the premature institutionalization of persons with developmental disabilities.  The grant currently provides services to 21 residents at the Irvin apartments and made its debut in January of 1982.  The Housing Authority subcontracted with marcfirst, which is a local agency that provides support to people with disabilities.  The state of Illinois eliminated the grant that funded marcfirst for this program in 2010, and as a result the program has changed and allowed other individuals with disabilities to become a part of this great service program. 

Individuals currently in the program receive training services through marcfirst, United Cerebral Palsy Land of Lincoln, Brideway, and Home Base Services through the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

The Professional Assessment Committee (PAC) plays an integral part of the CHSP.  The PAC determines eligibility of participants as well as their point of discharge from the program.  They meet monthly to review participants’ progress and supports needed in the program. 

The CHSP Service Coordinator meets individually with each resident on a monthly basis to provide case management and monitor services.  The CHSP Service Coordinator also screens applicants, as well as acts as liaison between external service agencies like marcfirst or UCP Land of Lincoln, the Housing Authority, and the PAC to assure that all program participants are receiving the appropriate support.

Some of the benefits CHSP participants receive from the services and training offered at the Irvin Apartments include meals, housekeeping, personal assistance, transportation, and health services.  CHSP participants also receive 3 catered meals a day.  The training includes health and safety, socialization, laundry, housekeeping, meal planning, grocery list planning, shopping, cooking, budgeting, self-grooming and bus training.


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