Section 8 For Landlords

Benefits to Landlords:

  • You screen and select tenants.
  • You supply your own lease.
  • You receive direct and prompt rent payments.
  • Learn more from HUD’s HCV Landlord Resources page.

A Guide to the Housing Voucher Program
The program is designed to provide assistance to eligible low-income families in finding decent, safe, and sanitary housing by subsidizing a portion of each tenant’s monthly rent.  Any type of private rental housing such as single family dwellings, high rise buildings, townhouses, and congregate housing are eligible.  Paperwork is minimal and the OWNER retains management rights and responsibilities including tenant selection, rent collection, property maintenance, and lease termination. In the event a tenant vacates a unit in violation of the lease the landlord may retain rental payment for the month in which the tenant moved as well as the security deposit. Termination of leases and evictions must adhere to state and local laws.  Written notice must be given stating grounds for termination/eviction.  Notice must also be issued to the Housing Authority.

Tenant Selection and Leasing Your Unit

  • Selection- The OWNER is responsible for using normal selection procedures to choose tenants.  Tenants must meet eligibility and income requirements as well as a criminal background check.
  • Lease- Landlords use their own lease and supply a copy to the Housing Authority.
  • Security Deposit- The security deposit may remain unchanged and is paid by the tenant.
  • Housing Condition- All units must meet health, safety, security, and occupancy standards put forth by program requirements.

Responsibilities of the Housing Authority

Units will be inspected upon initial enrollment as well as annually to ensure the standards of the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program and HUD’s Housing Quality Standards have been met.  The Housing Authority will encourage tenants and owners to maintain units up to these standards and will inform potential tenants and owners of inspection results along with any necessary corrections.


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