Neighborhood Network

As a result of a Neighborhood Network grant from HUD, the Bloomington Housing Authority established 2 computer labs for residents, one at Wood Hill Towers and another at the Robert Bowen Resource Center in Holton Homes.   

A Neighborhood Networks center provides residents with convenient access to programs and services that can help them improve job skills, further their education, and become economically independent.

At a Neighborhood Networks center:

Adults can receive job training, education, and support services.

Children and youth can participate in afterschool programs that offer academic enrichment, skills-building, and safe recreational activities.

Seniors can access health programs and social services, receive computer training, and participate in social activities.

Residents with disabilities can access programs and services that enable them to maintain healthy and productive lives, as well as increase activity and social interaction.

Help train a potential labor force with skills that meet the evolving needs of area employers.

Strengthen community relations and meet their philanthropic commitments.

Increase awareness of their organizations within the community.

While residents may benefit the most from the programs and services offered at a Neighborhood Networks center, the benefits of opening a center extend far beyond its property lines.  Residents, property owners and managers, community partners, and the community at large all reap the rewards of an onsite, multiservice learning center.


    104 East Wood Street
    Bloomington, IL 61701

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