Family Self-Sufficiency

Many residents who are in the Service Coordinator program have enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS).  In addition to the support services in the Service Coordinator program, residents in the FSS program have a financial incentive (escrow account) that rewards them for earning higher income.  Residents sign a 5 year contract agreement that identifies their goals.  Staff and the family plan services that are required to help the family meet its goals and the parties work closely together over the term of the contract to ensure the family’s success.

As FSS residents earn higher wages and move toward achieving the goal of earning a living wage, their rent will increase according to program regulations.  However, FSS program residents are rewarded each time their rent increases because the Housing Authority deposits an amount that is approximately equal to the residents increase in rent each month into an Escrow Account.    For example, if the resident’s rent increases by $50.00 a month, the Housing Authority deposits approximately $50 a month into an Escrow Account.  The account earns interest and it is property of the resident provided the resident abides by the FSS program rules.  The funds can be used to assist the resident in achieving interim goals and are paid out in full when the resident completes the FSS program.


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